Acerca del lugar


Together with Richard Rose, - a North American architect - in 1995 we decided to escape from the noise and smog of the capital and moved to Pisco Elqui. We were impressed and fascinated by the Elqui Valley, its sunny days, its beauty and tranquility. 

We started with the renovation of an ancient house, over 100 years old, today our reception area.

When we started missing the ocean and the water - we began building a swimming pool with very specific characteristics - completely covered with cobalt blue glass mosaics in order to reflect the star light at night, with a water cascade, which makes you feel as you were floating over the valley - what a challenge!
All our efforts where worth it.  When the temperatures rises above 30º centigrade, the pool becomes our client’s favourite place.

Surrounded by palm trees, hibiscus, bougainvillea and hundreds of other flowers and trees, we created -step by step- a little oasis.

Later we wanted to share our little paradise with friends and family. So we began with the construction of the cabañas "Cobre" (Copper) and "Piedra" (Stone). Later we added the cabanas "Agua" (Water), "Mariposas" (Butterflies) and lately "Cuarzo (Quartz). The latter is completely built of white and rosy quartz. The cabin was designed in 2000 and finally inaugurated in 2009. This cabin is so unique that building it turned out to be an enormous challenge. Step by step, and with lots of love and dedication.

granadaToday we would like to invite you to a "different world" - where time stands still and there is space for silence, peace and beauty - between fountains, water cascades, sculptures in stone and wood from various corners of the world,  and a large garden full of flowers and fragrances.
The combination of all this allows you to relax profoundly and to enjoy a magical time.
We are looking forward to seeing you here soon.


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