Links Site of the Tourist Organisation of Pisco Elqui with a lot of inforamtions about the village.
Utopia Cabañas Nice cabañas nearby, with pool
Fundo Los Nichos The pisco distillery "Los Nichos" is the most ancient one around, still producing the pisco in the traditional way.
Location: 4 kms from Pisco Elqui, direction to Horcón
Observatorio Mamalluca Observatory Mamalluca in Vicuña - to enjoy the worlds clearest skies
Location: Vicuña (50 kms from Pisco Elqui)
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(Servicio Nacional de Turismo)
Observatorio La Cancana Observatoy Cancana - small tourist observatory
location: Cochiguaz (abt 25 km from Pisco Elqui)
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