Pisco Elqui is at aprox. 1.300 meters above sea level.   It is surrounded by the Andes Mountains. (Cordillera de los Andes).
There are many ways to enjoy your stay - sport activities, natural healing treatments, massages, culture, visits to the observatories and more.

Of course you can choose to relax by the swimming pool reading a  book - but you can also discover and experience the unique nature around Pisco Elqui – horseback riding, bicycle riding or walking.
Another option is to visit the small remote villages of Horcon and Alcohuaz further up the valley - or to make a trip to the neighboring valley of Cochiguaz.
We are proud to have the clearest skies on earth and if you want to know more about stars and constellations, you can book a night tour in one of the existing tourist Observatories.

Destileria de Pisco If you like the famous Chilean national drink,  Pisco, you can visit the distillery "Mistral" right at the Plaza of Pisco Elqui  and learn more about the production process. Also interesting is the Pisco factory "Los Nichos", where Pisco is still produced in the traditional way. Los Nichos is located  2 km away from us towards Horcon.

In Montegrande you can find the grave and a small museum of the famous Chilean poetess and Nobel Prize winner, Gabriela Mistral.

And of course you can also enjoy a relaxing massage or catch a glimpse of the future with a Tarot session or a Rune-reading.

If you like night life, there are various pubs and restaurants in Pisco Elqui. You can enjoy the traditional cuisine of our valley or listen to local music bands.

On our page "Links" you find some details, for more information please take a look at the site of the Organisación turística of Pisco Elqui.